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Amino Acid Face cleanser

Face cleanser

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Amino Acid Face cleanser

Amino acid cleanser contains an appropriate amount of skincare ingredients, such as moisturizers, nutrients, etc. It is precisely because of these skincare ingredients that the skin does not feel any dryness or tightness after using amino acid cleanser. On the contrary, it feels very hydrated, Q-elastic, and amino acid cleanser can lock in moisture and moisturize the skin while cleaning it.


    Distilled water, Water, sodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, Sodium Glycerol Cocooyl Glycine,Sodium chloride, coconut oil amide propyl sugar beet salt, PEG-120, methyl glucose dioleic acid ester, octyl/sunflower glucoside, P-hydroxyacetophenone, Citric acid, 12 hexanediol, Ethylene glycol stearate,(Daily use) essence, 13 alkanol polyether -5, lauryl alcohol polyether sulfate sodium, Coconut oil amide MEA, sodium benzoate, sodium sulfite.



    * Cleaning Pore Dirt: We know that skin oil, air dust, and various types of dirt can cause clogging of skin pores. Amino acid facial cleansers not only have the ability to clean these dirt, but also remove the dirt that has already entered the pores, achieving true deep cleansing. Avoid a series of problems such as clogged pores and enlarged pores. While cleansing the skin, it can also maintain a balance between water and oil, reducing the secretion of oil.
    * Whitening skin: If you persist in using amino acid cleansers for a long time, it can also have a whitening effect. Our skin surface has a layer of sebum film, and dust in the air can easily stick to this layer of sebum film. Moreover, this layer of sebum film will oxidize and deteriorate after long-term contact with air. Causing the skin to become dull and dull. Amino acid cleansing can remove spoiled and grayish skin and restore its radiance.
    * Secondary cleaning: In addition to the above functions, amino acid facial cleanser also has a secondary cleaning effect. After using makeup remover products to remove makeup, there are usually some residual components in the face. Amino acid facial cleanser can effectively remove these residual components from the makeup remover products. At the same time, it can also remove daily facial dirt, making the skin truly clean.


    Every morning and evening, apply proper amount to the palm or foaming tool, add a small amount of water to knead foam, gently massage the whole face with foam, and then rinse with warm water.

    amino acid face cleanser advantages

    Amino acid cleanser has good cleaning power, can meet the majority of cleaning needs, and is hydrophilic with weak acidity, close to our skin's pH value 5.5. Compared to soap based cleansers, amino acid cleanser contains an appropriate amount of skincare ingredients, moisturizers, and nutrients. Is it precisely because of these skincare ingredients that the skin uses amino acids for cleansing? I don't feel any dryness or tightness at all, but rather feel very hydrated. Q amino acid cleanser not only cleanses the skin, but also locks in moisture and moisturizes it, giving our skin a beautiful and youthful appearance!

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