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Hebei Shengao Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a company newly registered in Hebei to meet the growing business production needs of Tianjin Shengao Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Tianjin Shengao Cosmetics Co., Ltd. has been engaged in cosmetics production R&D and sales for more than 20 years and has established a global product marketing network. ShengAo Cosmetic has team of experienced and skillful researchers, managers and workers and are well equipped with a state of the art modern manufacturing and filling equipment.

Our products 

Hebei Shengao Cosmetic Co., Ltd.

The our products are exported to 26 countries including the United States, Australia, South Korea and South Africa, and enjoy a good reputation in both the international and domestic markets.

we produced cosmetics of 16 series and more than 180 single Items. They included the series of whitening, moisturizing, detoxification, crystal, Aromatic oil, Active gold, South Sea pearl and so on. The capacity is nearly 1000 tons. We are the scaled and professional company which provide OEM service located in Heibei province.

We could satisfy with you all kinds of demand in full system, from market planning, product design, development, production, purchasing and quality inspection to warehouse and logistics.


We Strictly comply with the national quality management standard, and regulate the artificial process, improve the quality controlling, to make it become a systematization, standardization and integrity professional manufacturing factory.
The company introduced advanced technology and production equipment,With modern high-tech laboratories and full set of testing equipment.Our engineers own more than 20 years experience, to ensure the quality of products to reach the international levels.


Corporate culture